Development and Support for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go

Since 1991, m3 Consulting & Services has provided innovative, custom business database solutions using the FileMaker® platform. We build and enhance business solutions based on FileMaker Pro software for multi-user, remote access, web-based, and cross-platform. Christian Smith, Certified FileMaker Developer in versions 7/8/9/10/11/12/13, helps people use FileMaker Pro for Macintosh and Windows, and FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad.

Our services cover every phase of database life from needs assessment and design to on-going support, enhancement and maintenance, to archiving and assistance in transitioning information to enterprise systems. We can answer your questions and help you make good decisions about upgrading your current FileMaker system, or moving your information into a FileMaker database from another program.

We can help you take advantage of the vast number of available pre-developed FileMaker templates that can be adapted to a variety of business uses. This keeps development costs down while still providing a solution that fits like a tailored suit.

We've built systems for health clubs, schools, mail-order businesses, magazines, medical publications, non-profit groups, book sellers, jewelry merchants, realtors, web sites, ad agencies, robotics manufactures, furniture retailers, tee-shirt printers and many other types of businesses and practices. We can build a system for you, too.

In addition to systems built in FileMaker Pro, we can integrate your information with other applications using AppleScript and FileMaker Pro plug-ins. This integration allows you to easily automate desktop publishing, batch emailing, credit card transactions, reporting and many other routine or complex tasks. We can also show you how FileMaker Pro can add value to your web site.

If you have a database that's already been started in FileMaker Pro, we can help you get more useful information and power out of it. If you've reached the limits of time or experience in building your database application, we can help you go the extra distance to get the system you have in mind.

If you have a project in mind, please call us to find out how we can help.

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