AppleScript is Apple Computer's system-level scripting language. It can be used to build applications that combine the strengths of many different programs into a single, unique solution to your information needs.

m3 Consulting & Services can help you make the most of your software investment by automating work-flow using AppleScript. We specialize in building systems that run overnight when your computers are waiting for something to do. Many reports and complex tasks can be performed without your attention, ready for you first thing in the morning.

We also like to build "agent" applications, programs that watch your computer and perform specific actions when certain conditions occur. For example, when someone drops a file into a watched folder, you may want it automatically printed, added to a database, or sent to your web server. Many activities that now take productive time from you can be automated so you gain time to spend on what you do best.

We can help you decide what part of your computing experience can be automated. Bring your imagination, we'll bring the scripting experience and together we'll make your computers do what you always thought they could.

For more information on AppleScript, see Apple's web site. Click here.