Data Translation & Legacy Computing

When you need to move information from one application or database to another, you may run into problems. We can help you solve those problems.

We can help you move from older systems to newer systems, from Classic Mac OS to Mac OS X, from Windows to Mac, for most any transition you need, we can help.

For example, we can help you move your address list from dBase to the new contact manager you're considering. We can help prepare your FileMaker Pro-based information for mailing services. When you have information that you need to move, we can help.

Our background with Macs goes back to the earliest days, and we've worked with the most popular, and some of the most obscure, software since then. That experience can help make your transition smoother.

We also have an extensive collection of vintage Mac hardware, peripherals and software. By "pickling" systems from each age of Macintosh evolution, we can rescue old data, find files on obsolete media, or solve problems on aging system designs. Contact us for more information on specific equipment and capabilites.

To find out how we can help, call us with your data transition concerns.