Web Site Development and Maintenance

It seems that everyone tells you they can "do your web page." For the most part, they can. But what do you get? What happens after your page is done? How do you keep your web presence current? What do you do to make the web work for you? How do you make sure people can find your web site? How do you make it grow? Your web site is more than a brochure. It is another facet of your business.

These are the kinds of questions m3 Consulting & Services can help you answer. We work with you to develop a long-term strategy, with checks and measures, to grow your business into the web. We provide ongoing support and development services to keep your web site current.

Whether you want to build a community around your products and services, extend your commerial interests into cyberspace or try entirely new ventures on the web, we can help you find, coordinate and manage the talents, services and technologies that will make your web investment a success.

We specialize in web sites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Our sites are designed to satisfy clear marketing and commercial goals, while staying within budget. A good web site must communicate your message clearly and efficiently. A good web site must also be able to grow with your business and change as your business changes.

m3 Consulting & Services can design and build your new site, or we can help revitalize an existing site, taking your site to the next level of utility and productivity. As we build your site, we also build the tools and resources to effectively maintain your site for the long run. We can teach you how to keep your site up to date, or we can work with you to keep your site fresh.

In addition to basic website design and e-commerce solutions, we can help you get the most from your internet presence with email, file transfer and other technologies.

Our services include acting as an authorized reseller for pair Networks, so we provide very competitive hosting options. We can also work with your current provider. Our primary concern is helping you build your presence on the internet with cost-effective solutions.

Call or email us today to see what we can do together.